Soho Jammin Mike

soho_mikeThis story is about a HoBo guitar player. His real name is Joe but people call him Mike. He would play guitar solos in jazz bars and pubs.

Soho Jammin Mike

He lives in Vienna, the capital of Austria. He looks a bit like a ghost, but the red color of parts of his body along with the funny red dots on his skin make his appearance rather funny and harmless.

Soho Jammin Mike is a fanastic musician. He likes to play all sorts of Blues and Bossa Nova. He is really good at it. He would play really sophisticated chords and sometimes he sings one or the other song, too. The favorite song of his fans is the “Never-Give-Up-Song”. Soho Jammin Mike wrote this song for a sick little child.

…to be continued…


In the meantime, the German version of this story is finished: