Long ago when ´the HoBos went to Earth, they found a lot of creature on this planet looking very similiar to their different tribes. Hoewever, most of them were not as developed as them. The PANTIs, on of these cases, are a highly developed tribe of HoBos, resembling very mcuh to the so-called turtles or tortoise on planet Earth.

Of course the PANTIs begegnungplakdid their best to study these turtles. But the terrestric turtles were slow in their thinking and moved on four legs. They did not care about culture. They were illiterate as all so-called animals. They were nice, but definitively not on the same level as the PANTIs.

The PANTIs love good food and nice music, the like traveling and dancing. The like society life and many of them are mathematicians, travel guides, and artists. They like sunbathing and hiking and all sorts of sports.

…to be continued with one or two episodes…